Chromium OS installation step by step

I have been struggling for two day to make the files app work, here is the solution I found, step by step so new users are able to execute it.

Download a fresh image from

I tried October 13 daily build 64 bits.

Load the image into an USB as explained in the page.

Boot chromium from USB and configure the firts run.

Once you are logged in go to the next page.

Follow the instructions to generate your keys.

Then go to the developer console apis list and make sure you have the following apis enabled.

Drive API
Drive SDK.
Google Maps Geolocation API.
Google Now For Chrome API. 

Open a new Crosh screen Ctrl + Alt + T in chromium browser.

Type: shell.

Type : sudo su.

And enter the password usually “password” without quotes.

Mount your system as read write.

Type: mount -o remount,rw /

Type: cd /etc

Type: vi chrome_dev.conf

Go to the first line and insert your keys (fake ones used):




Be careful as VI is very tricky to use, once the data is correct save the file, using ESC wq and enter, if you have issues saving find in google on how to use VI.

Once the file is saved go to the bottom right of the screen and click on your user picture and sign out, once the system ui restart login, it will say that you need to login again in order to update your credentials, once you login again, the system will be able to use the files APP.

After this I usually load the plugins like flash and other unsupported files.

What worked for me is following the instructions in.

The script asks for Keys, but I already saved them in the file, So maybe we can save some of the steps discussed above using the functionality in the script, If someone can try that it will be great as we will avoid the use of the shell.

Please share your experience with the instructions I have provided, Im happy to be able to share something with the community.

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  1. After following these instructions, I am getting “Sorry your password cannot be verified” after trying to sign in. Any idea how to fix that?

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